Nitze Camera Cage Kit for Sony A7II/A7SII/A7RII/A7III/A7RIII/A9 - STK03B

Nitze Camera Cage Kit for Sony A7II/A7SII/A7RII/A7III/A7RIII/A9 - STK03B
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Product Specification
Material: Aluminum Alloy   
Product Weight: 886 g
Product Size: 300 x 152 x 243 mm
Package Weight: 1071 g 
Package Size: 230 x 160 x 115 mm
Compatibility: Sony A7II/A7SII/A7RII/A7III/A7RIII/A9 Camera

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Key Features:

1. NITZE STK03B camera cage kit designed for Sony A7II/A7SII/A7RII/A7III/A7RIII/A9 is made of anodized aluminum alloy for lightweight and durability.

2. Unobstructed battery & SD card access, making your operation more convenient.

3. Securely tights your camera via 1/4" screw, preventing your camera from breaking.

4. Capture dynamic low angle with proper balance and maintain comfort during long shooting.

5. Liftable baseplate with 15mm aluminum alloy rods for mounting more accessories you need.


Package Included:

1 x TP12 Camera Cage

1 x PE06 HDMI Cable Clamp

1 x PA20 Top Handle

1 x PB05 Baseplate

2 x 15*100mm Aluminum Alloy Rod Extension

2 x 15*200mm Aluminum Alloy Rod   

2 x Hex Spanner

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