Nitze Monitor Cage for Portkeys BM5 5”/BM5V2 5.2” monitor TP-BM5

Nitze Monitor Cage for Portkeys BM5 5”/BM5V2 5.2” monitor TP-BM5
Product Code: TP-BM5
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Product Specification
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Colour: Black
Product Weight: 138 g  
Product size: 161*21*98 mm

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Key Features:

1. Nitze TP-BM5 for Portkeys BM5 5”/ BM5V2 5.2”monitor is designed for providing your monitor an all-round protection without obstructing your operation.

2. There are 2 built-in NATO rails on the both left and right side for attaching any accessories with NATO clamp.

3. The 1/4” threaded hole with spacing 20mm slot. The locating hole slots can be connected to a camera cage through mounting a monitor holder with 1/4” screw and ARRI standard locating pins, such as Nitze N54B.

4. The screw sleeves on the bottom of the cage increase the durability of the threaded holes.

5. Nitze TP-BM5 monitor cage can be matched with sunhood and Nitze monitor holder.

6. The left and top side slots give you an easy operation, you can attach the buttons without blocking. Besides, the right side slot doesn’t block the monitor heat dissipation port.


Package Included:

1 x Nitze TP-BM5 Cage for Portkeys BM5 5”BM5V2 5.2Monitor

1 x Hex Spanner


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