Mini JIB-AL2310

Mini JIB-AL2310
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Product Specification
Material: Aluminum
Reach retracted: 90 cm / 36”
Reach extended: 130 cm / 51”
Rear retracted: 30 cm / 12”
Rear extended: 90 cm / 36”
Lift range retracted: 85 cm / 34”
Lift range extended: 140 cm / 55”
Load Capacity: 10 kg / 22 lb
Weight of Jib: 6.5 kg / 14.3 lb
Max counterweight: 15 kg / 33 lb (2 x 7.5 kg)
Tilt angle: 60 degrees
Color: Black

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Major Features

1.CNC Machined Aluminum

2.The front arm can be pulled back and forth at the required working length

3.The 100mm bowl-size retaining plate of camera can locate UDLR four directions

4.The shooting angles of horizontal, depression, or elevation can be reached by the connecting rod

5.The base can be easily mounted on a tripod, being able to rotate in 360 degrees

6.The arm is fastened by the built-in brake and can rotate at various tilt angle

7.The jib is stable, portable, small when folded up, and its balance is easily adjustable

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