Nitze V Mount Adapter for Z Cam SDI Converter (Long Bracket) - E2-FS-V3L

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Product Specification

Material: Aluminum Alloy   
Product Weight: 221 g   
Product Size: 80 x 72 x 95 mm 
Package Weight: 306 g
Package Size: 125 x 100 x 135 mm
Compatibility: Z CAM E2, E2-M4/S6/F6/F8 Camera

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Key Features:

1. Nitze Z Cam E2 Universal V/Gold Mount QR Adapter E2-FS-V3L is designed for Z Cam HDMI-SDI Converter. Being compatible with Z CAM E2, E2-M4/S6/F6/F8.

2. Compatible with Nitze, Hedbox and IDX V-mount battery plate.

3. It can be mounted on the camera body by four M3 screws without stress on NPF mount, supporting NP-F550/750/970 batteries without detaching the cheese plate.

4. Easily detach back plate to switch from V-mount/Gold Mount to NP-F series batteries. 

5. Clearing all the ports on camera and providing room for cable management. Use V-mount/Gold mount without the use of 15mm Rods


*  Please note: V-Mount battery plate is NOT included.


Package Included:

1 x E2-FS-V3L Universal V/Gold Mount QR Adapter

1 x Hex Spanner


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