Nitze Monitor Cage Sunhood - LS7-A

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Product Specification

Material: Nylon
Product Weight: 92 g
Product Size: 187 x 123 x 123 mm 
Package Weight: 176 g  
Package Size: 260 x 160 x 40 mm
Compatibility: Nitze TP-FW279S, JTP-LUT7S, TP-R7S, TP-R7P Monitor Cage

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Key Features:

1. Material: The Nitze LS7-A Sunhood is made of nylon.

2. Compatibility
Nitze TP-FW279S cage - Feelword FW279S
Nitze JTP-LUT7S cage - Feelworld LUT7 / LUT7 PRO / LUT7S / LUT7S PRO
Nitze TP-R7S cage - Desview R7S
Nitze TP-R7P cage - Desview R7P

3. Function: The sunhood prevents reflections on the monitor, and make the display clearly in dazzling light condition during shooting.


Package Included:

1 x LS7-A Sunhood

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