Nitze Side Handle Kit with 1/4" Screw and Detachable Locating Pins - PA32D

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Product Specification

Product Weight: 248 g
Product Size: 61 x 35 x 125 mm
Package Weight: 334 g
Package Size: 193 x 128 x 49 mm

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Key Features:

Ergonomic DesignNitze PA32D locating pins side handle kit is ergonomically designed. When using it, you can stick your thumb on the top of the handle, which can reduce the burden of long-term handheld shooting. Let you feel relaxed and comfortable when shooting handheld.

360° RotationThe 1/4" locating pins connection part supports to be rotated 360° as you need. You can also loosen the 3/16" screw on the side of the handle with the included hex spanner to rotate the position of the connection part.

Detachable Locating PinsThe locating pins can be removed with the included flat-head screwdriver to turn to a 1/4" screw. You can mount the side handle to a cage with 1/4" locating hole or with 1/4" threaded hole.

Left and Right Side HandlesThe side handle kit includes a left side handle and a right side handle. They are small in size and light in weight (only 248g for two) for easy portability.

Widely UsedThey are compatible with smartphone cages (e.g. Nitze T-MP01), iPad cages (e.g. Nitze T-TC01A) and monitor cages.


Package Includes:

1 x Left Handle

1 x Right Handle

2 x 1/4" Locating Pins Connection Part

2 x Hex Spanner

1 x Flat-head Screwdriver

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