Nitze HDMI / USB-C Cable Clamp for TP-LS5 Cage - PE19

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Product Specification

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Weight: 27 g
Product Size: 24 x 20 x 47 mm
Shipping Weight: 51 g
Package size: 85 x 65 x 40 mm
Compatibility: Nitze TP-LS5 Cage

* Please note that import tax is excluded.

Key Features:

1. Nitze PE19 HDMI /USB-C Cable Clamp is specially designed for Nitze TP-LS5 cage.

2. Locked to the TP-LS5 cage by a thumbscrew, which has a slot for further tightening with a  flat-head screwdriver.

3. Adjustable sliding blocks support to fit HDMI / USB cables of different sizes.

4. Firmly secure the HDMI /USB-C cable to prevent it from shifting and twisting.



Package Included:

1 x PE19 HDMI / USB-C Cable Clamp

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