Nitze Monitor Cage Kit for Portkeys LH5P / LH5P II 5.5" - JT-I01C

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Key Features:

1. Nitze LH5P-KIT cage kit for Portkeys LH5P 5.5" monitor is designed for providing your monitor an all-round protection without obstructing your operation.

2. Locked by a 1/4"-20 screw on the bottom.

3. The PE21 HDMI cable clamp firmly fixes your HDMI cable and prevents it from shifting or being damaged.

4. The Sunhood prevents reflections on the monitor, and make the display clearly in dazzling light condition during shooting.

5. Nitze Low Profile Monitor holder’s payload is up to 5KG, which supports 180° tilt and 360° swivel adjustment.

Package Included:

1 x JT-I01A Cage

1 x PE21 HDMI Cable Clamp

1 x LS5-B Sunhood

1 x N54-G1 Monitor Holder Mount

2 x Hex Spanner

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